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11 April 2016

Retreat on the Little Cumbrae Island , Scotland 2016

Dates Availability so far. Other dates will be announced and confirm and advertise on sky channel Aastha Channel 837 .Morning 5am till 07.30 and 19.00-20.00 everyday 1. 29-30-april 1st-2nd may 2016 long weekend cost 185.00 2. 24-25-26 june cost 150 pounds 3 1-2-3 july 4 19-20-21 August cost £150 5 26th - 28th August 2016 cost £150 Yoga Retreat in Little Cumbrae Island Accommodation Your accommodation will be in the Little Cumbrae House. Rooms are in either shared three beds or a twin share room with twin bed. Cost £150 for two night stay (ARRIVE FRIDAY DEPART SUNDAY AFTER BREAKFAST ) For extra night stay £35.00 per night What is included Daily yoga and meditation 2 nights’ accommodation Breakfast and 2 daily vegetarian meals 2 night accommodation Return boat journey from Largs to Little Cumbrae Island Guided nature walk Additional Information The date of the retreat can be changed if it is not possible to travel to Little Cumbrae due to the bad weather. You need to book for minimum 30 people and maximum 40 people. Additional Benefit The cost includes the Assistant Yog Teacher(AYT) level 1training. First part of the training will be done in Little Cumbrae Island. The second part can be completed FREE( in one day) at a location which will be ADVERTISED/EMAILED once the venues finalised.

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Each work has to pass through these stages: ridicule, opposition, and then acceptance. Those who think ahead of their time are sure to be misunderstood ~ Swami Vivekananda

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win ~ Mahatma Gandhi


21 June 2017

In support of International Yoga Day we ran over 500 free yoga classes throughout the UK

05 May 2017

Assistant Yog Teacher Level-1 Training in ilford Essex

28 April 2017

Peace Island 2017 Bank Holiday Trip

20 February 2017

Yoga classes at Hindu Temple, St Barnabas Road, Leicester. First session on Monday 20th February 2017 from 7 pm to 8 pm

26 September 2016

Redbridge is celebrating Older People's week from Monday 26thSeptember,2016 to 30th September,2016.

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'After only 7 days I feel much more energised , not as stressed, more relaxed and already feel more supple and flexible. As an overweight person I feel the benefit of the yoga already and want to continue'
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