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Insurance for Yog Teachers

The PYP UK Yog Teachers insurance group policy has now been in place for many years and has successfully insured a large number of PYP-affiliated teachers. As a yog teacher, you are strongly advised to make arrangements to be personally covered by the insurance:
The Teaching or Malpractice cover is provided as part of a group policy for PYPT teachers within the bespoke Yoga-Link scheme arranged especially for Yoga Teachers throughout the wider Yoga community.   
The basic insurance annual premium for PYP-affiliated teachers is approx £51 inclusive of both Insurance Premium and policy set-up fee. A discount will also apply at renewal. Legal Expenses cover is an additional approx £16 per annum. 
If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Yoga Link direct or your local Yog teacher coordinator(s) or the PYP Office.
Policy details can be found at the Yoga Link website



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'First class very friendly, tutors who take time to explain everything: most enjoyable and beneficial. Would highly recommend to work colleagues and patients. Excellent! Highly recommended! Loved the class!'
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