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Pathanjali Parivar Milan Award Nomination Form

As a part of the Pathanjali Parivar Milan celebration, recognition awards will be given to the Yoga teachers, Volunteers and coordinators on the 30th of September 2018 at Crawley.

We need your nominations for the Awards! To nominate someone please fill out the nomination form and explain why the person deserves an award.
The deadline for submitting the forms to the head office is the 10th September 2018.
Nominations are then reviewed and voted upon by the recognition Committee.

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19 April 2019


21 June 2018

You are invited to come and celebrate International Yoga Day with us in June 2018 for hours of FREE yoga & meditation. Venue and dates will be confirmed soon. We look forward to welcoming you on the day. Namaste

21 June 2018

We are pleased to appoint Charan Singh Sekhon as an additional National Coordinator for UK Youth Wing and Communities Engagement for Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust (PYPT) UK

22 March 2018

Mayor s community Award on 22 March 2018 in Town Hall Redbridge

07 March 2018

International Womens Day 2018

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'Friendly atmosphere which encouraged me to try a new way of relaxing and exercising'
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